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Remember pizza night as a child when you got to put on your favorite toppings and eat until you were stuffed? Pizza night as an adult is just as fun! But, now you can use the best wood fired pizza oven for steaks, soups, peach cobbler, and more! We carry Italian pizza ovens, Portuguese wood fired pizza ovens, and gas commercial pizza ovens for the beginning cooking enthusiast to the expert wood fired chef! Trust us, one of our pizza ovens will work for you - residential or commercial - indoors or outdoors - we are here to help you!

Patio & Pizza helps "outdoorsians" turn boring backyards into outdoor paradises focusing on friends, food, and fire! Our specialty niche is with traditional wood-burning ovens (some people call them "pizza ovens") and unique fire features to create a magnificent entertaining space! We can help find the perfect traditional indoor or outdoor wood-burning oven to show off your own authentic wood fired pizzas, entrees, and cast iron desserts! And, we have the top accessories to make your backyard patio or commercial dining space the perfect place for a unique dining experience.

Patio & Pizza provides growing builders, remodelers, and landscapers who want to increase their profits with the best indoor/outdoor wood-fired oven and outdoor living solutions so they can build the kitchen of their customer's dreams, generate more leads, attract more clients and make more money than ever before. Patio & Pizza is your partner in creating the perfect backyard oasis. Whether you are a home builder looking for an added wow factor for your builds, a renovator/landscaper looking for new ways to serve your clients, or a homeowner looking to create a new outdoor living space, we are here to provide expert advice for finding the perfect patio pizza oven!

Give us a call at 888-671-2342 or send us a message at so we can partner with you to create an amazing outdoor kitchen that will be the envy of the neighborhood!