MosquitoNix Jacksonville

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8917 Western Way
Suite 7
Jacksonville, FL 32256

MosquitoNix Jacksonville is the leader in mosquito control in Jacksonville, FL. Outdoor fun (and work) shouldn't be hampered by fighting itchy bites and annoying bugs. We'll help you fight off these unwelcomed backyard invaders with hidden automatic misting systems , making your outdoor environment a mosquito-free zone!

Make mosquitos and other pesky insects a thing of the past with the automatic MosquitoNix Misting System. This state-of-the-art custom mosquito control solution is designed to help you reclaim your backyard using an innovative, botanical insect killer that’s discretely placed throughout your landscape. MosquitoNix mosquito protection systems are the perfect choice for any residential or commercial environment—install one in your home or business to help protect your family, pets, and guests from dangerous vector-borne illnesses and to make your exterior landscape even more enjoyable. A 100 percent satisfaction guarantee ensures that you’re thrilled with the results.