DT 3D Printers

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Booth: 205
Pecan Park Flea Market - 614 Pecan Park Road
C94 – 100 | Open Weekends Only

 “Building your ideas one layer at a time”

3D printers and the STEM/STEAM fields of education? Local news reports the U.S. had three million STEM/STEAM jobs left unfilled due to the lack of qualified workers. The STEM/STEAM fields, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math are the industries that move our society forward. TD 3D Creality Printers wishes to install a passion for the STEM/STEAM fields into today’s youth through the use of 3D printers.

The Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) ranks our Nation at 31st out of 70 Nations tested. Let’s increase the PISA ranking and prepare our youth to succeed in life. Your home can be the laboratory that will shape your child into tomorrow’s Engineers, Robotic Process Automator, Health Care Professional, Scientist, Technicians and more!

At TD 3D Creality Printers, we only offer the ENDER 3 3D printer. Why? The ENDER 3 is a great “starter” printer and will help you to understand the 3D process without the high cost of purchase for the bigger units. The ENDER 3 has a small footprint, perfect for use in the home, office or small business and is a fantastic printer to inspire and cultivate forward thinking.

The 3D printer allows users to design and create a 3D object through the Additive Manufacturing (AM) process, layer by layer. It is an incredibly powerful experience for your child to design an object, watch it print and then hold their design in their hands! 3D printers are the wave of the future. 3D printers have practical usage as well as artistic. You are only limited by your imagination.

Come by and meet us, Debbie and Scott (Brother and Sister team) at BOOTH 205. The printers are reasonably priced, and we offer classes! We will be running a 3D printer to show you how awesome this little printer is!